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Welcome to 11 Yachting for the Luxury Yacht Charter in Turkey, Croatia and Montenegro...

Blue Cruise 

Between the beautiful harmony of the green and the blue, Blue Cruise or Blue voyage is the best kind of holiday that you can ever afford to yourself for relaxing and finding peace in your mind. Far from the stress and chaos of your everyday life, you will live unforgettable moments with your friends and family while you can also participate to exciting activities on board. Besides the picturesque and natural landscapes that you will find yourself in, Blue Cruise will offer you the opportunity to live priceless experiences with amazing people from all around world while you will discover natural beauties, secret bays and ancient cultural monuments.

blue cruise turkey

Feel the true freedom with 11Yachting and make your dreams come true. Contact one of our experienced travel agents online that will help you along the whole process, from the booking of your yacht to the route that will suit you the best. A quality and safe adventure accompanied with the sound of waves is now waiting for you.

During this journey that you will share with your loved ones, you will enjoy every moment that you will pass on the sea from the sunrise to the sunset which will add an incredible atmosphere to this holiday where you will reconnect with yourself and the nature.

Whether with their experience or with their certified education, 11Yachting team is looking forward to serve our precious guests hoping to make them live a unique experience. Our goal is to share with you the amazing landscapes that offer the Greek, Turkish and Croatian Coasts and to let you back with sweet memories.
Besides the Luxury Yacht Charter and Cabin Charter services, 11Yachting is specialized into various kinds of Mini Concept Tours such as our Yoga, Hiking & Biking, Cinema, Party Boat, Photography Time lapse Cruises and many others that will allow you a better management of your time and your budget. If you are not sure about what you want, send an e-mail or call one of our Yachting Holiday specialists who will analyze your preferences and help you to choose the best options for your holidays. Believe us, you will still feel the excitement while you will be telling all the beautiful adventures that you get through surrounded with amazing landscapes during your Blue Cruise.

blue cruise greece

Blue Cruise or Blue Voyage, is for sure the best way to leave all of your stress behind and relax, but it is also an incredible opportunity to meet ancient civilizations that are still preserved to this day, thousands of years old monuments, a reunion with your history that will be hard to forget. A total freedom that you will crave every year and that will change your definition of holidays forever. As 11 Yachting team we would be more than happy to help you make a place in this amazing adventure that is Blue Cruise.

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