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gulet charter croatia

gulet charter croatia

Would you like to spend 7 extraordinary nights in the Mediterranean? Do you enjoy cruising along Dalmatian coastline with countless of islands?

With its countless islands and ports, Croatia is a great place to have a gulet cruise vacation at the Adriatic Sea. You won’t enjoy only the crystal clear waters of Mediterranean but wonderful islands as you stop by.  In order to start this trip, you do not have to worry so much. Just bring a couple of t-shirts and shorts, then let the captain is on your guard. What you mustn’t forget is your camera of course. Maybe you will discover a new island. Who knows?

During the day, you can sunbathe, swim, snorkel of explore the world under the sea. There are a lot to discover over and under the sea, especially if the Adriatic Sea is in question. In the evenings, you can change your route to ancient towns. You can start your sightseeing trip with gulet charter croatia.

As gulets are huge yachts, try to charter with a crew. So that you can allocate more time to your vacation. This is a personal experience,  make the most of it. Let your gulet cruising adventure begin in Croatia!


saling holidays adriatic islands

saling holidays adriatic islands

Who do not wonder Adriatic waters and islands? Are you ready to see more than a thousand islands through Croatian coast? You can even discover an indiscoverable island on your own. Croatia is a great spot for a summer getaway!

Start your voyage from the ancient port of Split on Adriatic coast and let yourself enjoy these beautiful unspoiled bays and beaches with shiny pebbles. Do not forget to visit Diocletian Palace, one of the historical and cultural monuments listed by UNESCO.

Not just visiting but snorkeling, swimming and diving into these mesmerizing waters offer you many alternatives on board. You can stop by small peninsulas, national parks and other wonders of nature.

The city of walls, Dubrovnik attracts great deal of people with its picturesque view. Enjoy your fresh Croatian food in this old stone city. This city will also feast your eyes on.

Be sure to spend some time in Hvar, an island of sunshine, lavender, wine and rosemary. Have a walk through the town and taste samples of wine and fish caught by Hvar fishermen.

Even this small trip attracts attention, right? This is just a beginning. To experience more, visit Adriatic islands this summer!


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