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Welcome to 11 Yachting for the Luxury Yacht Charter in Turkey, Greece and Montenegro...


Do you like spending time at sea but do you want to keep up quality? Do you need more than a classic yacht? Then, luxury yacht charter turkey are just for you.

Luxury yachts have no limits for sure. These yachts offer you comfort, beauty and elegance at the same time. Luxury yachts bring along professional crew too. You even can practice yoga with your trainer on board. Everything is thought for you.

In Turkey, there are companies offering luxury yacht charters in different locations. You can plan your blue voyage with one of them. The taste of chartering a yacht brings you unlimited taste of turquoise waters too.

Turkish cuisine with worldwide famous chefs is one of the best cuisines in the world. On a luxury yacht, wonders of Turkish cuisine will wait for you. Prepare yourself to the most exotic flavors like Turkish Raki accompanied with Turkish snack(meze in Turkish) plates.

Enjoy your vacation with your beloved ones at sea. Taste Anatolian nature and history. Discover exotic colors. A yacht charter holiday in Turkey is available for you to escape from the daily routine. Utmost attention and privacy, what are you waiting for?

luxury yacht charter turkey

luxury yacht charter turkey


In this great country, no matter when, you will have a chance to swim, ski, camp and cruise throughout the year. What extraordinary about this country is its capability of presenting various activities throughout the year. Do these sound luxurious to you? Let’s give an example for this: In Antalya you can enjoy sandy beaches and sunshine while you can ski at another ski center.

Turkey has a great cultural diversity for ages. It is a European country with traditional habits. It is impossible to limit holidays just with beaches of this wonderful country. You can choose your holiday among history zone, Mediterranean coast or mountains. This is up to your desire. You are to decide whether you would like to enjoy beaches; ancient sites or just the nature itself. Very few places on earth can offer this.

Another point worth mentioning is Turkish cuisine. Bring your appetite with you and allocate lots of time to enjoy these unforgettable moments. The world’s finest dishes live in this country due to wonderful cooks. You will have difficulty in forgetting these exotic tastes.

Now would you like to ask anything else? Turkey drives you away from everyday life into total relaxation.

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