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Private Yacht Charter Turkey

Private Yacht Charter Turkey


Private Yacht Charter turkey is one of the most popular holiday style in the world. Turkish wooden yachts called gulet is suitable for the any clients and any budget  who likes the Blue Cruise or Yachting Holiday in Turkish and Greek Islands. Gulet is a handmade traditional wooden yacht with a raised bow, a broad, flat stern, a main foremast and secondary mast aft. Turkish gulets are configured with powerful diesel engines to provide primary power, and sails to provide additional power, or primary power in winds that are strong enough. This means you can sail silently when the wind allows.

Turkish Gulets are particularly good for sailing vessels because of their broad beam, which gives them lots of deck space-particularly aft-and plenty of rooms for spacious cabins.
It is possible to find gulets to accommodate groups from 2 cabins to 16 cabins which means our largest gulet can accommodate up to 36 guests.
Each gulet has a mix of twin and double- bedded cabins. Each cabin has its own separate w/c, shower and wash basin.
There are many different category yacht for the charter in Turkey. As 11 Yachting, we have 3 main yacht categories: Vip Gulets, Luxury Gulets, Standard Plus Gulets (with A/C).
Each yacht has a high standard of safety and comply with Turkish government and international regulations.
These regulations are monitored thoroughly by the coastguard and harbor masters. Bodrum, Marmaris, Fethiye and Gocek
are the main departure points for the Yacht Charter in Turkey with Gulets. In additon to the Turkish coast you can add some of the Greek Islands for your weekly Blue Cruise
programs like; Cos, Rhodos, Nysiros, Symi, Thilos, Kalymnos, Leros, Patmos, Mykonos, Santorini, Naxos, Paros etc. Bodrum is the best place for the Turkish and Greek Islands Blue Cruise routes.
It is only an hour far to Cos Island. Gulet/Yacht Charters is definitely for your summer holiday with your friends or family.
The summer season starts in May and runs through November, July and August are the warmest but also the most popular and bussy time for the Blue Cruise lovers in Turkey and Greek Islands.

Blue Cruise with gulet not only for the naturel beauty but also many historical sites can be visited depends on your route This rich history makes Turkey a unique destination for visitors,
all things being equal, why not do it on a charter yacht /gulet in Turkey with 11 Yachting.

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